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The mission statement of QM Data Solutions is "to deliver quality products and services at a competitive price". That is why we take great pride in offering our clients the Quality Management System (QMS™) software suite as a comprehensive, yet user-friendly program to meet all your tracking and trending needs to improve Safety and Risk Management.
The four main modules, Quality/Risk Assessment, CORE Measures, Claims/Policy Management, and Credentialing, allow our clients to track patient/client demographics, quality/risk specific data, The Joint Commission core measure/CMS data, claims/policy data, and practitioner profiles all in the same software.
QMS™ has met the criteria for inclusion in the accreditation process and is included on The Joint Commission's list of acceptable vendors.
In addition, QM Data Solutions incident tracking software can be used in a variety of industries including Schools, Public Utility Services (such as Water Treatment Systems, Water Authorities, and Waste Water Management), Waste Management Services, etc.  QM Data Solutions also offers consulting and educational services.
>> Click here for more detailed information about the Quality Management System (QMS™) software suite.