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and key features like:

HL7 (ADT) interface - for an additional cost, the QMS™ software can be configured to receive data automatically from an HL7 data feed. For users that do not have HL7 capabilities, information can be downloaded into QMS™ using comma delimited (.csv) files.
User defined lookups and fields - QMS™ users can customize the lookup lists and questions (fields) to meet the needs of their facility.
Multiple facility tracking - QMS™ can be used to track data for one or multiple facilities. Reports can be run for individual facilities or multiple facilities to allow for comparing performance.
Unlimited user licenses - QMS™ is licensed to the facility NOT individual users. This means there are no additional costs every time a user needs access to QMS™.
Aggregate data reports - for no additional cost, users can take advantage of the aggregate data program available through QMS™ which lets performance measures be compared across all participating organizations. Periodically additional special studies are included in the aggregate data reports that focus on specific issues. Participants collect additional information for the special study and are provided with additional aggregate reports.
No additional resources needed - QMS™ can usually be implemented using the clients existing hardware and personnel. This is an important feature of QMS™ because there are no "hidden" costs associated with installing QMS™. Dedicating a network server or technical staff to implement or maintain QMS™ is not necessary.
Competitive fees - QMS™ offers an integrated system for a very reasonable fee. Please contact us so that we can provide you with a quote that is customized to meet the data tracking needs of your facility.
Why is QMS™ for you?
  • It provides a method of tracking, trending, analyzing, and presenting data that results in valuable information that can be incorporated into important decision making processes.
  • Our eQMS™ Online Event Reporting tool allows you to collect data real-time for quick responses to events.
  • It is a strong, stable, flexible, and integrated system that has been in existence since 1984.
  • Fully customizable, affordable solution for your tracking needs.
  • Technical support is available via our toll-free number.
  • Ongoing education is provided through hands-on user labs and regional workshops.
  • You will have access to a staff that includes Certified Professionals in Healthcare Quality with over 15 years of risk/quality software consulting and programming experience.
  • Scheduled enhancements ensure that QMS™ stays current with the changing needs of today's  healthcare professionals.